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Precision Inc believes that Quality is not only the inspection of the product, it is also the result of careful planning and control of the manufacturing processes and customer requirements. This results in products with superior quality and performance. You can always depend on W.C. Precision Inc. for complete customer satisfaction.

As our products progress through each manufacturing process, quality assurance and machining operators carefully inspect and monitor the product to verify conformance to drawing specifications and customer requirements. The use of W.C. Precisions First Article, In Process and Final Inspection reports, allow us to document inspection results. All W.C. Precision Inc. inspectors and operators are fully trained in inspection techniques understand our quality objective to 100% quality ratings from all of our customers. All suppliers of raw material are approved and maintained by W.C. Precision Inc. as well as our customers.

All products manufactured are Lot Number controlled. A Certificate of Conformance is included as an integral element of shipping documentation. Certifications are archived in-house and are available upon for request to 5 years of order date.

Calibration is critical to our quality system. W.C. Precision standards incorporates a calibration system meeting ISO17025, ISO10012, and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1to ensure the accuracy of measuring and test equipment throughout the manufacturing and inspection process.

With our company wide “Continual Improvement Process” philosophy WCP is constantly reevaluating in-house process to automate and streamline workflow. Employee and customer input is valued and necessary part of our improvement process and allows us to redefine operations at all company levels.

With customer satisfaction as our top priority, we are infinitely striving to improve and provide superior products and services.


F-840-01 Rev A


Seller shall provide a certification, signed by an authorized Compnay management representative that addresses complaince with the Customer's drawing & drawing revision, workmanship standard(s), revisions(s) & compliance to the Company purchase order, matieral ceritifcation with actual chemical & physical test reports from the lot represented per the specification indicated & shall not supply material for which they are not certificated or approved. A certificate of conformance is required with each delivery lot/quality.


Supplier is required to maintain documentation pertain to this order for a minimum of ten (10) years after delivery, unless otherwise directed by the Purchase Order, This documentation must remain on file & available for review by Company, customer and/or a designated representative or responsible regulator agency for the specified period of time.


Seller & its subcontractor(s) shall, in the performance of this Purchase Order, provide & maintain a quality system that is in conformance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, or the equivalent.


Supplier is required to notify Company in the event that nonconforming product, which can’t be reworked to specification, is produced. Supplier is to obtain Company approval of nonconforming product dispositions.

Unapproved repairs or non-conformances that are shipped to Company will be subject to rejection upon detection regardless of the levels of consumption within Company If Company labor and/or materials are added prior to the detection & rejection, then the supplier &/or subcontractor agrees to reimburse Company for the full loss in value (i.e. the supplied material, component, or assembly; & added Company WIP labor as well as the added higher level material consumed during the WIP process which occurred prior to detection of the repair).


Supplier is required to identify each lot with a unique code number for each heat lot number of raw material and/or each batch of items processed together but separately from the total quantity of the order (i.e. - Heat treatment batches, plating batches, etc.)


The supplier shall deliver the products listed on this purchase order must have a MINIMUM of 80% of the specified shelf life upon receipt at W.C. Precision, as calculated from the “date of original manufacture” of the product


The suppler shall allow Company, our customer and/or a designated representative or responsible regulator agency, access to any location, including sub-tier suppliers, where operations pursuant to a Company purchase order are being executed or where there are records stored applicable to product processed for Company


Supplier must pass on to their sub-tier suppliers all applicable Quality Terms & Conditions as well as any pertaining corrective actions requests, quality alert and/or nonconformance information.


Supplier shall package product for shipment in keeping with good commercial practice, unless otherwise instructed by Purchase Order requirements. Packaging shall be adequate to preclude damage, loss, or corrosion of product shipped. Supplier shall identify the outer container or pallet with the applicable PO#, Part # & Lot #. Shipper/pack slip are to be included with the order.


The supplier is required to notify Company of any product or process changes which include but not limited to: sub-tier supplier, manufacturing location, substitute components or a change in processing that may have an effect on Company’s product quality. Suppliers must obtain Company approval prior to implementation changes.


Suppliers shall assure that all products provided to Company are genuine and no counterfeit product shall be used or shipped. Seller shall notify Company immediately if seller suspects or is aware they have furnished counterfeit goods and promptly replace the counterfeit parts with genuine parts. Supplying counterfeit goods to Company will hold the seller responsible for all costs associated with the replacement of said counterfeit parts.


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) shall be supplied with shipments of any product that contains polymers, solvents, reducers, adhesives or other materials prone to outgassing volatile organic compounds (VOC's).


Submit a Final Inspection Report (FIR) listing actual dimensions measured. The report must indicate: Total quantity, Sample size (please identify the sampling plan you are employing), Quantity accepted.

Quantity rejected, Signature, initials or stamp of qualified Company representative performing the inspection & the date the inspection was performed.


Submit a complete the current revision First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) AS9102 to Company for inspection & approval prior to proceeding with any further processing &/or production. The FAIR shall include: a fully processed sample, a formal dimensional report, Complete certification, Signature/ initials /or stamp of qualified Company representative performing the inspection & the date the inspection was performed. Items produced prior to COMPANY’s approval shall be completely at the risk of Seller.


Items, including any associated drawings or technical data, sent to the seller or to be delivered under this purchase order could be subject to U.S. Export Control laws and / or controlled by the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 22 CFR part 120-130. Items not specifically classified by Buyer on this purchase order as military items subject to ITAR control are assumed to be commercial items. Where seller maintains the design authority, Seller agrees to notify Buyer if any deliverable under this purchase order is a Defense Article within the meaning of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, 22 CFR 120-130 (ITAR). Unless otherwise specified by Seller, Seller warrants that no deliverable supplied under the contract is a Defense Article as defined by CFR 120.6.


Calibration/test suppliers must furnish calibration/test reports to the purchase order requirements, & be traceable to the specific equipment or item for which they are calibrating or testing traceable to NIST &/or other national or international standards. ISO 9001, ISO 17025, NADCAP testing, ANSI Z540 accreditation will be the quality system requirements. Actual data must be supplied. ISO 10012-1


Supplier is required to ensure that personnel are aware of

1. Their contribution to product or service conformity

2. The importance of ethical behavior.

3. Their contribution to product safet


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